Elders Quorum President

Brethren, Bro Abbott has been faithfully helping Sister Shannon Bryant with her yard, but he is having mower troubles right now and she would like to see if anyone else can help her mow it in the meantime. Please let me know if you can help this time. Her address is 6116 SE 5th St. … Read more

Changes to General Conference

First Presidency Announces Changes to General Conference Beginning with October’s general conference and continuing thereafter, the Saturday evening sessions will be discontinued. Previously, a Saturday evening session was held for women (in October) and priesthood holders (in April). This change is being made because all sessions of general conference are now available to anyone who … Read more

60 Temples to Move to Phase 3

60 Temples to Move to Phase 3, Open for All Proxy Ordinances Aleah Ingram May 25, 2021 As COVID-19 conditions ease in some areas, temples continue to gradually reopen in phases. In June and July 2021, 60 temples will reopen in Phase 3. The following 60 temples will reopen in Phase 3 in June and July 2021. Members … Read more

Father Son Campout

Good Afternoon, The stake will be providing breakfast Sat morning at the Father & Son Campout but they would like a headcount. Please text me how many in your family are planing on attending (by Tuesday evening) so I can pass that up to them. David Qualls 817-201-4659

Father and Son Camping

Greetings All: I want to remind you of the stake Father & Son campout this weekend at the John Nicholls Scout Ranch close to the airport. This will be a nice opportunity to come together as brethren in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some of my best memories from childhood are of these campouts with … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day

Thanks to the Mothers Who Shape Our Lives Have you thanked a mother in your life lately? After all, they give us so much to be grateful for—including unwavering attention and eternal kindness. It is part of every woman’s divine nature to protect and guide the children of God, whether or not you have children … Read more

Elders Quorum Meeting Sunday

Tomorrow we will be holding Elders Quorum second hour and will be discussing the talk “I Love to See the Temple” by Elder Eyring from the Sat Morning session of the April 2021 General Conference. Sorry I didn’t let you know the lesson sooner, but please review the talk if you have a few minutes … Read more

Temple Update

Your Temple’s Status Will Soon Be Changing to Phase 2-B This new phase allows for youth, families, and individuals to schedule an appointment to participate in baptisms and confirmations for ancestors. Attendance is by appointment only. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the scheduling process before making an appointment.