Relief Society

June 14th, 2020

That They May See
By Bonnie H. Cordon
Young Women General President
April General Conference 2020
How do we share our light? Is it a bright steady beam or one that shines on and off throughout
different times in our life? Sister Cordon invites us to ponder these questions and asks us to think: How
do we focus our light so others may see the way to Christ?
Often, I find myself thinking- who is really watching me? How am I an example and comfort to
others? I know I want to lead by compassion, thoughtfulness, and most importantly the Sprit. There are
times in our life when sharing the gospel or lifting someone up can be easy. Then there are times when
we don’t even know where to begin. Sometimes simple promptings of really small things to us can lead
big things for those we serve. A call or text can go a long way for someone who is feeling lonely, afraid,
and unsure. The person sitting all alone that we sit next to and befriend. These examples are simple
ways to shine our light. Sure, it might be more comfortable for some- but it’s easily accomplished. Then
there are times when we know we want to share Christ’s light- we just aren’t sure how to reach the
intended audience. That is when mighty prayer and faith comes in. Our Father in Heaven knows each of
us. Our Savior knows how to succor us individually. Our world is ever changing. Finding new ways to
connect is crucial. We can go up to those we wish and invite them to accept missionary discussions, but
will it be as successful as befriending someone first with common interests that the church can support
them in? Even then sometimes those who need the light are those who are already in our fold. ALL
members need support. Whatever calling we hold- we are just people/ children of God trying to do our
best. Non of us are perfect. We all need to be strengthened.
It is our covenant duty to be a light into the world. To help gather those on this side of the veil.
Helping those around us to find the path that leads back home. Would we really want to be exalted with
no one we know? Or would you earnestly seek to have all your family and friends with you? How do we
help shine the light so that we may all return home with confidence? Sister Cordon states, “helping
others see the next step forward in making and keeping sacred covenants with God” is how we
accomplish it. Then we have received all the necessary covenants with God what do we do? We persist
with Heaven as our goal! We help others to stay on the path. We keep shinning our light so the darkness
cannot overcome all that we have accomplished.
Sister Cordon states the following then invites us to act with a promise. “I testify the Lord will
magnify every small effort. The Holy Ghost will prompt us to know what to say and do. Such attempts
may require us to step out of our comfort zone, but we can be assured that the Lord will help our light
How grateful I am for the Savior’s light, which continues to lead this Church through revelation.
I invite all of us to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be compassionately aware of those
around us. Look and pray for opportunities to let your light shine that others may see the way to Jesus
Christ. His promise is great: “He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of
life.” I testify that our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the way, the truth, the life, light, and love of the world. In
the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

May 24, 2020

Go Forward in Faith
This past General Conference, President Nelson gave us something to look forward to and focus on.
While the world was in a rather chaotic state form the pandemic, Pres Nelson advised us to continue to
look forward in faith.
Despite what the world has been facing, and all the uncertainty, he declared the reality of the
Restoration of the gospel. He introduced a new symbol to represent the Church, and one that better
shows Christ as our foundation. He invited the world to fast and pray together. He was showing us that
despite everything, we needed to continue to look forward, and keep making progress.
Right now, many temples are closed. This has been difficult for many, as regular temple attendance is
something many enjoy. But, he reminded us that for those who aren’t currently attending regularly, this
is a good time to start making changes, and start planning to attend. For those who don’t have current
recommends, this is a wonderful opportunity to work toward getting a recommend to attend. Our
ancestors are eagerly awaiting our help in getting their ordinances done. Many are waiting to be
baptized, endowed, and to be sealed. We need to be prepared, so that we can do those things for them.
We should study and pray to learn and understand more about our temple ordinances and the
endowments received within the temple.
During this time, it’s important to turn ourselves toward the Savior, and really heed his teachings. We
need to “hear, harken to, and heed” his words. President Nelson promises that as we do, our fears will
decrease and our faith will increase. As we make consistent efforts, our lives will change, our families
will change, and the world will change. This is the time that we must stand as witnesses, and speak up
for Him, wherever we are. We need to be exemplary citizens, and we need to honor, obey, and sustain
the law.
The Restoration is still continuing. Heavenly Father will continue to reveal many great and important
things. We need to not fear, and have a bright hope for the future. We need to continue to plan, and
look forward. We need to make goals and work toward them. Each day, we can become a little better, a
little more like Christ. As we go forward in faith, we’ll be blessed with peace and our knowledge and
understanding will increase.

Julie Richardson

April 26th, 2020

I found the April General Conference to be rather refreshing, amidst the difficulties of the past few months. I felt my Savior’s love poured out through the words of His servants. As I watched the talks on Conference weekend I struggled much with a physical illness. But the following week when I felt better I started listening to them again and again and felt a calming peace through their words as they spoke directly to my heart. It is these words that continue to lift and guide me throughout my physical trials. I love President Nelson’s talk Hear Him, because in it he tells us how we can strengthen others through our faith. He tells us how our love of the Savior may be the catalyst someone needs to seek out Jesus Christ (Russel M. Nelson, Hear Him, Sunday Morning). Think about it. Each of us has the ability to bring our brothers and sisters unto Chirist. We do this through our faith, prayers, and actions. I wish we could all see ourselves as Heavenly Father sees us. We are His children and He loves us more than we can comprehend. We have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, as we keep our covenants and we are made whole through Christ’s atonement. In the sacred name of my brother even Jesus the Christ. Amen.

-Jamie Looney, Relief Society President

During these unfamiliar circumstances I have been fortunate to feel overwhelmed by a sense of peace, calmness, inner strength, and confidence that I know comes from the knowledge of Christ’s gospel and the love that He and Heavenly Father have for me. It was especially comforting to have access to the words of our general authorities during General Conference. A topic that stood out to me consistently was the importance of temples and doing family history and temple work. David A. Bednar’s talk in the Sunday morning session inspired me to truly apply myself in this work, as he explained how crucial it is in these latter-days. I was especially moved when he mentioned one of our “fundamental obligations” as Latter-Day Saints “to fulfill joyfully the divinely appointed responsibility to offer temple blessings to the entire human family on both sides of the veil.” Further inspiration came with President Nelson’s hope for us to be eager to regularly seek refuge in the temple. I am certainly eager to follow his advice and “ask the Lord to teach [me] how to open the heavens to bless [my] life and the lives of those [I] love and serve.” Until we can enter the temples again, he has advised us to increase our participation in family history work in our homes and promises that our ability to “Hear Him” will increase in doing so. I know we have the ability and duty to extend to our families the opportunity to covenant with Heavenly Father and I know that doing so can increase our own spiritual capacity and understanding of the blessings that come with those covenants.

-Savannah Burke, 1st Counselor

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I have though and pondered much on our General Conference.

What did it teach me?

There were many things I learned, I thought of the prophet Alma and his conversion to the Lord. Also the sons of Mosiah, I think of how they worked so hard to serve the Lord and the many accomplishments they were able to do.

I also think about our young Prophet Joseph Smith and the struggles and trials he went through to serve the Lord.

Then I think of us in this the Latter days. Do we have trials and struggles to overcome? As for myself? Yes. I can say there have been many and I know there will be more. Even as we today face the Covid19 virus. How we face these and other that will come.

I know if we trust in the Lord, keep our covenants and the commandments of the Lord, in faith, love and charity we will be well. The Lord loves all of us and is aware of who we are and where we are on the road to eternal life. I know his hand is always extended to us.

-Patsy Sloat, 2nd Counselor

To use a few of President Nelson’s words, it was a “unique and wonderful” conference. When the Prophet asked us to prepare for this past conference, I was excited and so looked forward to it. I have long enjoyed the study of Church History. I’ve studied the Doctrine & Covenants, read many biographies and books on latter-day prophets, and visited most of the church historical sites in this country. I have come to love the prophets, especially Joseph Smith. I received a confirmation while in the Language Training Mission of Joseph Smith and his role in the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My testimony of the prophets has been reconfirmed many times since. I felt that same confirmation when we sustained President Russell M. Nelson as prophet in 2018. Again, as he spoke recently, I felt his prophetic power as he bore testimony to us. I know that President Nelson knows the Savior. He represents the Savior; he is His mouthpiece. How thankful I am for a prophet to guide us in these latter days. I feel the Savior’s love and peace in an otherwise unpeaceful world.

Marcia Conner, Secretary



April 12th, 2020

The final days before Christ’s return are upon us. What a privilege it is to be members of
His church and guided by the prophet. No other church can claim the privileges and blessings we
have, nor the responsibility of building the Lord’s kingdom.
During times of affliction, our first response is often emotionally driven. Sometimes we
complain because we want to know why this is happening to us. We cannot see what the Lord
has planned, but as we trust in Him we will feel His comfort surround us.
I have experienced many times the blessings that come through adversity. At the time I
did not understand how it was good for me or what it meant to find joy in times of trial. The past
few months I have prayed diligently to understand this principle so I could better serve you.
Adversity has been a great educator and has caused me to grow in ways I could not have done
when I was comfortable.
The Covid 19 crisis is another step in our progression towards Heavenly Father. As we
trust in Him, He will help us find the way. I bear you my testimony that as we listen, seek,
ponder, and pray on the things we have been given to do, He will help us in all aspects of our
lives, even the ones that don’t seem to matter. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

April 12th, 2020

Dear Sisters,

As we do not see each other weekly at church or other activities, I would ask that you check on the Sisters you minister to each week. This can be done through a text message, phone call, email etc. and if there are needs, I would encourage you to report them to any member of the Relief Society Presidency. It is my hope that these extra ministering efforts will help us comfort one another and feel more connected to the Savior. As we pray to the Lord for guidance concerning our sisters He will help us to know how we can succor each other.

Ask Him what errand He would have you do today?


April 8th, 2020

Dear Sisters,

As we do not see each other weekly at church or other activities, I would ask that you check on the Sisters you minister to each week. This can be done through a text message, phone call, email etc. and if there are needs, I would encourage you to report them to any member of the Relief Society Presidency. It is my hope that these extra ministering efforts will help us comfort one another and feel more connected to the Savior. As we pray to the Lord for guidance concerning our sisters He will help us to know how we can succor each other.

Ask Him what errand He would have you do today?





Question: What Does “Take up your cross mean?”





Marvin J.  Ashton: Take yourself the way you are, and lift yourself in the direction of the better. Regardless of where you have been, what you have done, or what you haven’t done, trust God. Believe in him. Worship him as you carry your cross with dignity and



Elder Soares said, “the Savior emphasized that all those who are willing to follow Him need to deny themselves and control their desires, appetites, and passions, sacrificing everything, even life itself if necessary, being entirely submissive to the will of the Father—just as He did.”


Discuss or ponder:   What does “Being entirely submissive” mean to you.


Elder Soares-“We learn through the scriptures that those who wish to take their cross upon themselves love Jesus Christ in such a way that they deny themselves of all ungodliness and of every worldly lust and keep His commandments.”



Discussion What are some of the “crosses” Elder Soares mentions in this talk?


Not finding eternal companion


Same gender attraction

Serious sin


Question:  What are some crosses you or a loved one have had to take up?

Question: how did you do it? What helped.


Elder Soares: I assure you that accepting the Savior’s invitation of taking upon yourselves your crosses and following Him means continuing with faith on the Lord’s path, maintaining a pattern of dignity, and not indulging in worldly habits that will eventually take away our hope in God’s love and mercy.


I want to assure you that there is always hope in God the Father and in His plan of happiness, in Jesus Christ and His atoning sacrifice, and in living Their loving commandments. In His perfect wisdom, power, justice, and mercy, the Lord may seal us His, that we may be brought to His presence and have everlasting salvation, if we are steadfast and immovable in keeping the commandments and are always abounding in good works.


”Seal us his.” I love that. Discuss this quote.


In life, we have 2 choices as we struggle. We can either become Bitter or become Better.  What does this mean?


How bitterness happens-Soares: for those who feel bitter, angry, offended, or chained to sorrows for something you feel is undeserved, to take up one’s cross and follow the Savior means to strive to lay aside these feelings and turn to the Lord so He can free us from this state of mind and help us to find peace. Unfortunately, if we hold on to these negative feelings and emotions, we may find ourselves living without the influence of the Lord’s Spirit in our lives.


Discussion:  how do we choose better.


How to become better- Soares: by inviting our Savior to help us to replace our stony hearts with new hearts. For this to happen, we need to come before the Lord with our weaknesses and implore His help and forgiveness, especially during the sacred moment when we partake of the sacrament each Sunday. May we choose to seek His help and take an important and difficult step by forgiving those who have hurt us so that our wounds may begin to heal. I promise you that in your doing so, your nights will be full of the relief that comes from a mind at peace with the Lord.