Sunday School

Sunday School Lesson May 17, 2020
Mosiah Chapters 18 -24
It is amazing the impact just one man can have. Abinadi’s bold testimony seemed to have fallen upon
deaf ears in King Noah’s court but it forever changed the life of Alma and many others that followed
him. After being chased out of King Noah’s court Alma quickly repented and went to work sharing the
truths that Abinadi so boldy declared.
He preached faith in a Savior and repentance and a great multitude soon gathered. In Mosiah 18: 8-12
we understand what it truly means to be a follower of Christ. We’re there to comfort and mourn with
those who are in need. We’re to be a witness of God at all times, in all things, in all places, until we die.
They were united in the gospel as a people but this didn’t prevent them from going through hard times.
Both Limhi and Alma’s people experienced many great hardships because of their faith. They made it
through these hard times by turning their hearts to God and relying on each other.


May 10th, 202

Mother’s Day

“I can stand for truth, even when I stand alone.”

The Come Follow Me manual offers the perfect summary of the chapters that we are to study. I would like to offer a couple thoughts that I had regarding these chapters, specifically chapter 17. For many of us in Oklahoma, we are all too familiar with the feeling of “standing alone”, although we are never alone. Many of us have often wondered if our efforts to share the gospel are even making an impact on the hearts of our peers. Perhaps these experiences help us gain a small taste of what Abinadi experienced.
Abinadi bore divine witness of the atonement of Jesus Christ. He was well prepared to deliver the message that God commanded him, and he did so with power and authority 1. I can only imagine the frustration of Abinadi after providing heavenly witness and power and still being condemned to death2. I wonder if he ever realized that his obedience to the Lord would influence generations of Nephites and Lamanites. Before being dragged out and burned at the stake, I wonder if he saw that someone3  actually did believe the words which he spoke. Many of us know the joy that comes from sharing the gospel and the even greater joy that comes when the message takes root into someone’s heart. In Abinadi’s case, there is a good chance that he never saw that Alma believed him. In what appeared to be a complete waste of time, Abinadi stood resolutely for truth, even in the face of utter degradation and death. May we find joy in standing for truth, even if we stand alone, and especially when it is difficult to see the fruits from the good that you do.

1 Mosiah 13:5-6 2 Mosiah 17:7 3 Mosiah 17:2

April 27-May 3
Mosiah 7-10
Hello to all. I hope this finds you well during this unusual me.
As I studied these chapters, I have to admit, for me they were a bit more confusing than the previous Mosiah
chapters, so bear with me as I summarize what stood out to me this week.
A brief summary of the meline (Not necessarily the order in the scriptures, but rather the actual meline of
● When the people of Lehi had reached the land of Nephi, there was a bale and ulmately the people
split (Nephites & Lamanites).
● The Lord tells King Mosiah (the 1 st
) to leave this land and find another place
● He takes his people and flees to the land of Zarahemla where the Nephites join with the people of that
● Zeniff then takes some men to go back to the land of Nephi to find out what’s going on with the
● He sees this land and says “it’s good”. Then against God’s warning, he wants to go back because he
feels this is a place that will benefit his people and wants to negoate a way for his people to return to
this land.
● They are ulmately captured and put into bondage by Laman which was Laman’s plan all along as they
had discussions during the different visits.
● Two generaons later, King Mosiah (the 2 nd
) agrees to let Ammon take 16 men to go down to the land
of Nephi to see if they can find out what happened with their ancestors who went down years ago.
● Ammon and his group meet up with King Limhi who aer a conversaon, realizes that these men are
seeking aer what had happened to Zeniff and his men, King Limhi’s grandfather and feels this is a sign
from God.
● Limhi realizes that God is sll with them and that there is hope for deliverance from bondage.
There are mes when we all make choices that go against God’s warning. Like Zeniff, this does not mean that
we are bad people. We have agency to accept the Lord’s counsel or not.
What maers is when we realize that the choices we have made were not the right ones, how do we deal with
that? Where do our hearts turn?
Regardless of what choice we make, if our hearts remain with God and turn to him when we realize our errors,
repent and ask for his guidance, He will always deliver us. It’s important to remember however, that there may
be lessons we must learn and trials we must endure due to those choices first. The Lord WILL deliver us, but in
His me and at his pleasure.
It is also important to remember that the choices we make must be made carefully and with thought and
prayer. They may affect us only momentarily, but they could also affect our posterity for generaons to come
as did Zeniff’s
I leave you my tesmony in that we have the gi of agency. We can choose to accept God’s counsel or aempt
to do things a different way. We must accept the consequences of those choices. Regardless, if we keep our
tents facing the Temple, keep our hearts turned toward God, he will not leave us. He will walk that path with
us and when the me is right, He will deliver us out of the situaon that we are in. He desires to deliver us if
we turn to the Lord “with full purpose of heart, trust in him and serve him with all diligence of mind”. (Mosiah
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
Sister Anzalone


April 26th, 2020

Mosiah 4-6
You might want to watch the film “King Benjamin Addresses His People/ Mosiah 1-5/ Book
of Mormon,”
These important chapters from the Book of Mormon are about the change of heart the people
of King Benjamin felt. What brings a change of heart for you?
As members of Christ’s church what causes you to make a change? Consider the times when
you have been so moved that your daily walk was different. Write in your journal about your
changes of heart and what prompted these effects.
After what the people had heard from their king in the previous chapters, now in Chapter 4
they were humbled, knew they needed mercy and forgiveness, and believed in Jesus
Christ. Then because of their faith they were forgiven. Mosiah 4:3 says they also had peace of
conscience. What would it mean to you to have peace of conscience? (Especially in these last
Later in Mosiah 4 we read what we must do to gain eternal life. As you read through what
one must do for salvation, what are you doing well, and how can you improve in other ways?
Near the end of Mosiah 4 in verses 29-30 we are cautioned. How can you improve your
thoughts, words, and deeds?
We are asked in Mosiah 5:12-13 to remember Him.We must serve Him to know Him. How
do you serve Him?
Read the last verse of Mosiah 5. I pray we may be valiant , serve others, and be a light for
others. As we study and do His will, we’ll find peace and happiness now and forever.
Love, Sister Stoddard

April 12‐19

Mosiah 1‐3As I studied and read the scriptures for this week, I thought about General Conference and how so many of the messages and
principles given to us during the 5 sessions were in such alignment with the principles and teachings of these 3 chapters. I
want to touch on just a few that stood out to me and further supports and strengthens my testimony of the truthfulness of
the gospel and that President Nelson and our other General Authorities are truly called of God to lead and guide us through
these latter days.
1. Family Scripture Study
a. There have been many changes over the past couple of years that have provided increased opportunities for
us to dive into the scriptures and to study and learn them as a family. With the Home Centered Church plan
and schedule, along with the Come Follow Me study guide, we are asked to spend additional time as a family
to study and learn the scriptures together as well as independantly.
b. This is something that has been ongoing since the time of even Lehi. Mosiah 1: 4, we are taught that if Lehi
had not made a practice of studying the plates and having them available to him, he would not have been
able to teach his children. It’s important to not only to know the stories in the scriptures, but to study them
and to be in them constantly so that we remember the words correctly and allow them to feed and sustain
our faith. Without constantly being in the scriptures and feeding our spirits, our faith would dwindle
2. Facing your tent
a. King Benjamin and Mosiah gathered everyone together and they pitched their tents to the face the Temple.
“every man according to his family, consisting of his wife, and his sons, and his daughters and their sons, and
their daughters, from the eldest down to the youngest, every family separate from one another.” Mosiah 2:5.
Why do we face the Temple? For several reasons. 1. Respect 2. To better hear what is to be said so that we
can be taught, spiritually fed and hear the words of the prophets.
b. As I read this and thought about the status of the world right now and this recent general conference and
how this resembled those families as they pitched their tents. We too were facing the Temple as we all sat in
our living rooms and faced our televisions to watch General Conference, to hear the words of our Prophet
and General Authorities; to learn what the Lord needed for us to hear. This brings me to the next point that
was not taught by our speakers but is in fact the same now as it was then.
3. Words of a Living Prophet
a. As in King Benjamin’s time he delivered his words, his instructions from the Lord verbally just as our Prophets
do today. Those words were ultimately written down so that they can be re‐read and studied time and again
to strengthen us and teach us what our spirits and hearts need. So it is today. The words spoken in our
General Conferences are written down after they are spoken so that we can re‐read and re‐hear the
messages the Lord intended for us. We need to read and discuss these with our families, search them for
answers and guidance just as we do the scriptures.
4. Keep the Commandments
a. We all know it’s important to keep the commandments. Keeping the commandments opens up a path for
the spirit to be present in our lives, to become a constant companion and friend to all of us. We need the
Spirit to get to heaven because it is the Spirit that is our connection to Christ and it is only through Chirst and
His atoning sacrifice that we are able to return to Him and to our Heavenly Father.
These 3 chapters hold so many wonderful lessons and messages. One of the last things I want to mention is in Mosiah 3: 5‐10.
Keep in mind this is approximately 124 years before the birth of the Savior, but the faith that they had of what was yet to
come inspires me so much. They knew everything, every detail of His birth, His miracles, His atoning sacrifice and His
resurrection. This had not happened yet, but still they had faith in their own salvation because of what was to come because
of those before them who put the words to paper (or plates  ) so that everyone would have the gospel available to them to
continue to learn, confirm, build testimonies and strengthen their faith.
There is so much more in these 3 short chapters, so I encourage you to read them together as a family and talk about what
sticks out in your minds as you do so. All of these principles given to us so long ago are as true and strong today as they were
then. This is the true church and the Lord himself leads us and he prepares a path for us.
I leave you my testimony that the gospel is true and if we study as a family, we will strengthen our testimonies and we will
strengthen our homes and families.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
Sister Anzalone

April 12th, 2020

Come Follow Me March 30-April 12
As I was thinking about this week’s lesson, I thought about how most people would respond if asked what their favorite
holiday is. I’m fairly confident that the majority would respond with “Christmas”. It’s easy to understand that initial
response because of all that we have come to associate Christmas with; the smell of pine and hot cider, the festive
lights, holiday décor, the jolly old guy in the red suit and white beard and then of course the look on those sweet
children’s faces when they see the gifts under the tree. With all this around us in abundance it’s easy to see why the
reason for the season; the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ, is often put on a shelf; not forgotten, but inevitably taking a
back seat to all the hustle and bustle.
I wondered how many would respond to that questions with “Easter”. It’s certainly not as elaborate of a holiday, but in
my opinion so much more important to the future of all here in this mortal existence. It certainly has its traditions; the
Easter bunny and hunting for colored or candy filled eggs (where the number found always seems to be just a few
shorter than what was actually hidden).
Easter is celebrated on one Sunday a year, but in fact it’s a celebration of multiple acts that took several days to
complete. From the Last Supper where Christ blessed us with the lesson of taking the Sacrament, to the moment of his
ascension where he left us with the hope and knowledge that we all have the ability to ascend to eternal life and one
day look upon his face again.
It has been said that this year more than any previous year, is most like the 1st Easter. The 1st Easter was totally
unexpected for those who were in the midst of all that was going on. For us in this day, this Easter also is completely
unexpected and different than any of us have probably ever experienced before. A year ago, we never would have
imagined that we would be in this trying and difficult time, being required to stay in our home, unable to join in the
normal festivities, or attend a Sunday church meeting, or that when we watch General Conference, that only the
speaking General Authorities will be present. No Tabernacle Choir, no thousands of Saints gathered together in the Salt
Lake Conference Center or being able to travel to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior with family and Friends.
On Calvary, our Savior was crucified. A form of death reserved for the lowliest of men. He did this willingly. For the
followers of Christ at that moment, it must have felt like a huge defeat and an incomparable loss. To add to the sorrow
they all felt, on the morning of the resurrection when the 3 Mary’s went to the tomb, the tomb was empty; the Savior
was not there. I can only imagine how their hearts sank at that sight.
What happened next is a lesson to us all. The angel tells them, “He has risen” “Go quickly, and tell his disciples that he
is risen from the dead; and behold, he goeth before you into Galilee; there shall ye see him; lo, I have told you”
Like those women, we may all be in a place of uncertainty, a place of fear with all the dark times and events that have
plagued the world recently; Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Horrific fires and Rapidly spreading illness. If you feel as though
Jesus is not with you; with us in this moment, then like the angel instructed, go quickly, move forward, just keep going.
Keep doing the things you know you need to do, heed the words in the scriptures, heed the words of our prophet and
trust that just as in the Atonement, when Christ served the last supper, suffered in gethsemane and on Calvary and rose
from the dead; he was preparing the way. Also, he is preparing the way for us now. There is light and hope. If you keep
moving forward, He will be there. He will get us through all of this. Because of the Atonement, we will all come out of
this dark moment in time. We need to rejoice in this season, in this holiday and let the light and hope of Jesus and the
promises he went through so much to fulfill, fill our hearts, minds and souls. He truly is the reason for this season.
I leave my testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel, the knowledge that our Savior endured unimaginable pain and
agony so that we would have the opportunity to be saved and one day return to him. The Atonement is real and it is
infinite. Trust in the powers of this wonderful gift. Trust in our Savior. He will never lead us down a wrong path and he
will always prepare a way for us to get home. Celebrate him and rejoice this Easter in His glory and in His love for each
of us. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


March 30th, 2020

Welcome to our Come Follow Me SS Lesson for March 23-29, Enos – Words of
Our beloved prophet, President Nelson, has asked us to fast today. Prayer and fasting
go hand in hand. This is a perfect time to examine prayer.
As you read Enos what can we learn about prayer?
Enos wrestled, hungered, cried, and faithfully prayed to receive forgiveness. He didn’t
stop there. Enos then prayed for others, those close to him and also his enemies.
Who do we remember in our prayers?
Jarom and Omni (and friends) both wrote to the Nephites, but how do their words apply
to us? Look for what these books teach that inspire you to be obedient.
How do our leaders today encourage us to keep the commandments?
The Come Follow Me manual suggests this might a good time to pull out For the
Strength of Youth book and discuss the standards of the church.
How has living the Gospel blessed your life?
The last book for our lesson is Words of Mormon. I love verse 7, “…And now, I do not
know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things which are to come;wherefore, he
worketh in me to do according to his will.”
This is a simple truth. I feel that I know just a little, but as I trust my Father in Heaven,
follow His commandments, and listen to helps from the Holy Ghost, I will be protected.
What scripture in our lesson this week speaks to you???
We can make our gospel study more interactive. Let me
know what you learned, or how a scripture helps you strive to follow Christ. We may not
meet together, but we can share and learn from one another.
Love, Sister Carol Stoddard