Weather Alerts

February 11, 2021


Sacrament Meeting Cancellation


Dear Brothers and Sisters,


We have a short-term weather system passing through the Oklahoma City area.  When weather is severe, we act to protect all the members and our neighbors.  All meetings will be canceled on Feb 14.   Today might be the right time to get your sweetheart a Valentine and prepare to hunker down.  Forecasting is an art and some artists are better than others.  This system appears to be dangerous and imminent.    Extreme cold temperatures and a heavy snow combine to make travel difficult.


Please use this time to act as ministers in any way that you can.  If you are willing and ask the Lord will lead you to those who may need help.  Just a call to show your concern and to look after someone can have lasting relationship consequences.


The approval of Bishops to administer the Sacrament at home is still in effect.  The, “Come Follow Me,” lessons are available to teach and bring the spirit into our homes.  I am particularly thankful when it is cold outside and the Oklahoma wind blows a whistling screech around my home, for the blessing of the day in which we live.  (I am also thankful I don’t have to go outside, milk the cows and do other chores.)  I appreciate the families who suffered privations of any kind to bring me, my family and the church of Jesus Christ to this place of safety and peace.


In the midst of uncertainty, the love of God is made visible in so many ways.  It is a good time to look and listen.  He will lead our hearts.


Your fellow servant of the Master,


President Bellows