Bishops Message

Greetings Midwest City Ward members!

On Thursday morning I felt impressed to ask you to send me family history stories or experiences that you’ve had doing family history and temple work. Then 15 minutes later we got a message from Pres. Bellows that regular services will be canceled. I then knew why I had felt to request stories at that time.

This Sunday at 10AM we will have a special Family History Devotional and the guest speakers will be … you! Please join me on a zoom mtg using the information at the bottom of this msg. I will give everybody who desires to do so the opportunity to share one story from their family history or from their experiences doing this amazing and eternal work. I feel that this is a way we can keep the momentum going on our ward focus this month as well as come together in fellowship on the Lord’s sacred day. This mtg should not be considered ‘required’, but purely optional. We will try to keep it to an hour or less. Stories can be funny and/or faith-promoting and should be appropriate (not crude or crass) for sharing with a church audience. During the mtg, please keep muted unless you are speaking.

This will not replace Sacrament meeting; if you are able to perform this ordinance in your own home, then please do so at a time of your choosing. If you are not able, then please join us next week (hopefully) at church to receive the tokens of the Lord’s Atonement.

May God bless each one of you and please stay safe,

Bishop Wagner


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