Bishops Notice on Service in Seminole

Midwest City Ward

Greetings Midwest City Ward members!

I invite any who are able to participate in more storm cleanup for the Seminole area this Saturday.  I will be leaving my house around 7AM and anybody who wants to come and carpool is welcome.  I will have some of the equipment that we’ve been housing in our church from the last cleanup.  I know that our communications have mainly been to the Elders Quorum, but our equally industrious (and often more compassionate!) sisters are also welcome to assist, of course.  See below for restrictions on ages for youth.  We might also consider inviting co-workers, neighbors, etc. who often have a desire to help but may not know where to go to organize.

Below is an excerpt of directions from Norman stake’s President Satterthwaite:


For those who would like to participate, they can report to the Seminole Ward building at 8:00 AM

2500 John Street
SEMINOLE, Oklahoma 74868-2243

 Following a safety briefing, participants will be given directions to the job sites.  Work will start at approximately 9:00 AM.   Those participating should bring push brooms, dustpans, rakes, shovels, and similar equipment.  Volunteers may work just a couple hours or could stay most of the day as schedules and workloads permit.

 As a safety measure, please have participants bring gloves and other protective gear as needed.  The following link provides useful information and a brief video for volunteers:

 Also, children and youth under the age of 14 should not participate and youth ages 14-18 should have their parents complete the attached permission and medical release form.  Please ensure that volunteers with youth have this form completed upon arrival.


I think lunch might be provided, but bring your own snacks, water, etc. as usual.

In these efforts there is always the question of using the yellow ‘Helping Hands’ vests and shirts.  This is only to be done when authorized by higher-level Church authorities and I am unsure if we have that here.  If you have one, bring it but don’t wear it unless we are authorized to do so.

This is a great opportunity to be disciples of Jesus Christ in a common cause for good to help relieve suffering and deliver a measure of hope and friendship to our brothers and sisters in Seminole.  I look forward to serving alongside you on Saturday!

Bishop Wagner