Family History Fireside

Brothers and Sisters,

We are holding a ward fireside tomorrow at the chapel (and via Zoom) at 3:00 pm.  We will be getting a one day head-start on kicking off February as ward Temple and Family History Month.


This will be a Face to Face event where there will be some short talks and then the speakers will be a panel to answer and discuss audience questions on temple work and/or family history. This is for everyone… you don’t need to know anything about family history, but you will learn that it can be fun and easy.

If you don’t feel comfortable attending in person, please join us via Zoom
Meeting ID: 659 185 7739
Meeting Password: mwcward


We will continue sending weekly emails throughout February with temple and family history challenges for individuals and families to participate in.  To get other ideas and share your successes with other ward members, please join our group on Facebook “Midwest City Ward Family History Group”.



Elder Quentin L. Cook -“As an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I leave my blessing upon you with a promise that if you look beyond the bonds of time and mortality and help those who cannot help themselves, you will be blessed with more closeness and joy in your family and with the divine protections afforded those who are faithful in His service.”


I hope you will be able to attend. I know you will be inspired by the Holy Spirit with ways you can do a little more to bless your ancestors and your descendants.


David Qualls

MWC Elders Quorum President