From the Bishop

Hello Members of the Midwest City Ward!

The Church’s purpose is to help its members achieve salvation and ideally exaltation. Heavenly Father has said that the family is the most important unit in eternity. As such the Church strongly promotes quality family time. While our home should be the most peaceful and safe place to spend time as families, occasionally it is nice to do something different somewhere different.

With that in mind I want to make the Church available to families who may want to get out and do something different than what might be available in your home. The Church has many indoor and outdoor games and activities that can be set up for your use. There are also many card and board games available for your enjoyment.

I imagine that, with social distancing in mind, we could simultaneously have one family doing table games in a main floor auxiliary room, one family using the gym and stage, and another family doing outdoor stuff.

The family history library has 4 computers and 4 large monitors that are ideal for doing family history work and temple ordinance preparation. These can be a good resource for your family to work together on this essential piece of the work of salvation and exaltation. (This will not involve a family history consultant; for an appt. with one please contact Bro. Longoria.)

You might also consider a family movie night using the church’s projector and movie screen.

I am also assembling a new collection of camping equipment that will be available for checkout for the spring/summer. More to come on that.

So if you want to do a family activity or history work at the church let me know and we can arrange a time for that.

Bishop Wagner

Important considerations:

In the event of injury while on Church property, personal medical insurance is expected to be used.

A responsible adult 21 years or older must be present at all times.

The kitchen may not be used for cooking/preparing food, however the microwave may be used and ovens can be used for warming pre-prepared food. If you eat at the church, please bring your own dishes/paperware, etc.

Cleaning up used areas is required.