Special opportunity to have burdens lifted

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

I want to make you aware of a strengthening and faith-building tool that is now available in our stake.  This is the Church’s new Emotional Resilience class.  According to the Church:

“Emotional resilience is: The ability to adapt to emotional challenges with courage and faith centered in Jesus Christ. Helping yourself and others the best you can.”

Remember that according to Ether 12:27, Heavenly Father gives us weaknesses and trials so that we may learn to rely upon Him and our Savior for deliverance.  Having hardships is not a sign of God’s distrust or lack of love for us, rather it is completely the opposite.  Because He loves us and trusts us, he gives us tasks to complete, but He knows we cannot do them on our own and does not expect us to do so.  Also, we cannot grow if these tasks are too easy, by design they must require us to stretch beyond our current capabilities.

All of us must endure difficult, painful, and emotionally trying challenges in life in order to become as God wants us to be.  However, if you often find yourself unable to deal well with changes, disappointments, and trials to the extent that you regularly and deeply doubt your self-worth,  capability, or God’s love for you, you might consider attending this class.  As you do so, the facilitators and Holy Ghost will help you learn how to better cope with the tough times in life through faith in Jesus Christ.

This class is not nor is it intended to be a replacement for professional counseling /therapy.  If you feel in need of that kind of support, please let me know so we can discuss.  However, if you feel that you might just need some information, better understanding, and suggestions on how to better deal with stress, disappointments, trials, etc. this class will be of benefit.

The in-person Emotional Resilience class begins Thursday, April 1st at 7PM at the stake center.  I am planning on attending this Thursday so that I can learn things and so that I can also know what it offers to members of my ward.

The virtual class begins Tuesday, April 6th at 7PM.  If you are interested in this format, please send your contact information to devinlwilkes@gmail.com .

Attending this class is not an admission of failure or lack of faith, rather it is a sign to God that we recognize our weakness and want to humbly approach Him for strength so that we may become better.  As we do so, He will refine us and make us better servants in His cause and ultimately recipients of great joy!

Bishop Wagner