Update to Stake Conference

Brothers and Sister,

I wanted to drop this short correction of the invitation to conference.  The was a  little confusion about social spacing during the meetings.  The objective is to have us all feel the spirit together and associate as brothers and sisters in a more normal way.  This additional guidance relates to social spacing.  

Stake conferencesStake conferences may return to full, in-person sessions without social distancing when all of the following criteria are met:  1) state and local health restrictions permit it:  2) a minimum of 70% of the population of the unit have been vaccinated against and/or recovered from COVID-19 infection, or alternatively COVID-19 test positivity rates for the county in which the stake is located have been consistently less that 5% for a minimum of three consecutive weeks, and masks continue to be worn.
We meet these criterion.  We will not apply social spacing in the conference sessions. Thanks

Jeffrey Bellows