Bishops Update for Sunday

Hello All:

Pres. Widdison notified me that services this Sunday in the stake will be canceled due to issues at a couple of buildings and inability to get parking lots plowed. As Bishop I do not feel impressed to do a devotional this time. As last week if you are able to administer the sacrament in your home please do so. Priesthood brethren are authorized to administer sacrament to others should they so choose, but only if they deem it safe to do so. Please continue to check on those to whom you minister.

Please remember our Family History and Temple work focus for this month. Next Sunday our temple president and his wife will be addressing us in Sacrament meeting. Please remember that temple ordinances are essential for us. If we leave this life without them, we will not be prepared for the gift of exaltation that Heavenly Father so lovingly wishes to bestow upon us. If you have not received these ordinances, I urge you to consider what is needed to do so and make it a top priority. If you have received them, please ensure your temple recommend is current so you may continue to serve God’s children in His Holy House.

Please stay safe and enjoy a peaceful Sabbath Day as you worship God and remember His Son Jesus Christ!

Bishop Wagner