Teachers Counsel Meeting

Dear Brothers and Sister, We have completed our Quarterly Ward Teacher Council Meetings. We are reaching out to all of our teachers and leaders to thank them for their participation and support. Our goal is to “Teach the pure doctrine of the gospel, by the Spirit, in order to help God’s Children build their faith … Read more

Happy Mother’s Day

Thanks to the Mothers Who Shape Our Lives Have you thanked a mother in your life lately? After all, they give us so much to be grateful for—including unwavering attention and eternal kindness. It is part of every woman’s divine nature to protect and guide the children of God, whether or not you have children … Read more

Family History Challenge

It’s our last week of dedicated challenges. Make these count! 🙂 “The Lord loves effort because effort brings rewards that can’t come without”. -Russel M Nelson -Sign in to indexing on Family Search. Watch the tutorial, then complete 1 batch. (make it a family challenge if you are competitive). – Watch part of the Church’s … Read more

Message From Nicole Buynak

Hello all! We hope that you have been able to reach out to your families (past and present) in some way these past few weeks. If not, there’s never a better time to start than now! Below are this weeks challenges. Have fun!1. Take a trip to the temple grounds.2. Complete a Family Search “Suggestion”.3. … Read more