Teachers Counsel Meeting

Dear Brothers and Sister,

We have completed our Quarterly Ward Teacher Council Meetings.
We are reaching out to all of our teachers and leaders to thank them for their participation and support.

Our goal is to “Teach the pure doctrine of the gospel, by the Spirit, in order to help God’s Children build their faith in the Savior and become more like Him”. We are also planning to measure our goals each quarter for a 10% or more increase in growth in each the four principle areas. As a part of that goal we will be utilizing the Teacher Evaluations.

So, If you haven’t already, please complete your Teacher Evaluation and review the “Love Those You Teach” principle. I have provided copies of the handouts used during the meeting, along with pics of the whiteboard notes (see attachments)

The meeting today was recorded on YouTube (A Big Thanks to Brother Clayton Garner)
Please review it, especially if you were unable to attend the meeting.

Our next quarterly meeting is scheduled for 21 Nov 2022 and the Principle Topic will be “Teach By The Spirit”. Please review pages 10 in the “Teaching in the Savior’s Way” manual .

God bless you and thank you again for all you do, to teach in the Savior’s way.

Yours truly,
Brother Dean Woolen