Going Back to Church

Greetings members of the Midwest City Ward!

It is with joy that I am able to confirm we will resume limited Sacrament meetings beginning next week, June 28th.  At this time we are asked to discourage those members aged 65+ and those with at-risk health conditions from attending services at the chapel.  Please continue to worship and receive the sacrament in your own homes for the time being.  I will miss seeing you at the church and look forward to the day when all of us can gather together once more!  Please understand that protective measures for meetings have been designed to allow worship while minimizing the risk to the health of Church members.
Due to a mandatory limitation of 50 members per service, we have to divide our ward into 3 groups.  Each group will attend at a different time.  I have included a list with the households in each group.  For simplicity’s sake, the groups have been divided alphabetically and each contains fewer than 50 people.
For next Sunday only (June 28th) we will have services at the following times.  The period in between services will allow for proper cleaning of surfaces to lessen risk.  At the beginning of the service, a member of the bishopric will briefly explain practices that are being taken to minimize the risk to members.Group A – 10AMGroup B – 12PMGroup C – 2PM
Beginning in July the following schedule will be observed so that each group can attend once per month.  On Sundays when your assigned group does not attend, please continue to worship in your home, including sacrament administration if possible.Fast Sunday: No services2nd Sunday: Group A – 10AM3rd Sunday: Group B – 10AM4th Sunday: Group C – 10AM
Services will last approximately 45 to 60 minutes.  There will be no second hour classes at this time.
We encourage members to wear any personal protective equipment that will assist in preventing virus spread and that makes you feel more comfortable.  Please enter and exit only through the front main entrance to the building.  Please allow ushers to guide you to seats in an attempt to preserve social distancing requirements.  Please do not congregate in the halls or chapel; exit services quickly and reverently upon conclusion.
We are looking for a few people who are willing to stay after services to help clean.  If you are interested, please respond to this message.
If you have questions, please let me know.
Bishop C. Eldon WagnerMidwest City Ward405-570-1146
Group A

Bailey, Kate
Barnett, Nicholas
Burke, Savannah
Buynak, Nichole Janine
Buynak, Charlie
Cardenas, Matthew
Cardenas, Sarah
Chamberlin, Barbara Mary
Chamberlin, Scott
Coyle, Connie
Coyle, Keven
Foster, Christina
Garner, Clayton Eliot
Garner, Andrea
Gates, Wendy Theresa
Gober, Brittany Nicole
Gober, Jeremy Christian
Griffeth, Charles
Griffeth, Josette
Hans, Christian

Group B

Hardy, Linda
Hardy, Michael
Hardy, Darrell
Hardy, Rachel
Huff, Matt
Irving, Taegan Charley
Irving, Charley Ronald
Irving, Rebecca Leah
Keller, Holly Marie
Keller, Michael David
Lawrence, Steaven Trace
Leathers, Bobby Gene
Lewis, Montaci Ronae
Long, Hope Marie
Long, John Curtis
Looney, Bill
Looney, Jamie Dee
May, Melody
May, Randy
Meyer, James
Meyer, Shelby Lynn
Miller, Jared
Ozment, Devan Todd
Ozment, Trista

Group C

Poole, Stephen Mark
Poole, Audrey
Qualls, David
Qualls, Mindy
Rousey, Robert
Secor, Jennifer Yumi
Secor, Danny Allen
Skousen, Hillary
Smith, Perrin
Spain, James
Wagner, Eldon
Wagner, Myla Kay
Webster, Matthew Wayne
Webster, Amanda Marie Tri-Anne
Wells, Allyson
Wells, Jack Dallin
Whitaker, Ryan
Williams, Dawn Marie
Wilson, Deborah
Yeingst, Destiny Nicholas