President Bellows Christmas Words

Brothers and Sisters,


My memories of Christmas always have snow and cold.  Steam rising from the breath and backs of cattle.  Snow drifts  across the walk from the house to the barns.  There is a stillness that comes with a thick blanket of snow on the ground.  The normal sounds of doors creaking, and buckets rattling seem muted.  Even the dogs don’t bark.  It is as if even they do not want to disturb the stillness.  I hear that the Savior was born in the Spring and that my wintry memories of a still dark morning with sharp topped snow drifts should be changed to daffodils and meadowlarks.  I like the winter scene better.


Since I was not there and get to choose, I will cherish the Christmas mornings I remember and picture the Christ Child in a manger with a wind outside and the stillness of an early morning in a stable.  In my Christmas the cattle really were lowing, and a reverent peace fills the hearts of those who saw the star.  I will think of the baby who was awake but not crying.  And I will know that his gift to me was forgiveness, love, and Eternal Life.


When you are with your friends and family share your heart and the love of Jesus Christ with the Saints that you serve and bring joy and peace to the hearts of those with whom you have shared this unique and challenging year.


Thank you for all you do to minister to your family and friends.  I wish you love, courage and faith to find the joy of the season.


With faith in Christ,


President Bellows