Sunday Services Sept 5th,2021

Greetings Fellow Midwest City Ward Members!

After seeing the recent dramatic increase in Covid cases amongst our membership, and particularly the impact to our children, the bishopric has decided to make the following changes for this coming Sunday’s worship services:

1) Social distancing (sit every other row and households spaced from each other.) Please do not linger unduly after services and minimize visiting inside the building.

2) We will not hold second hour classes. Please study this week’s Come Follow Me Sunday School lesson in your household.

As a reminder, The First Presidency strongly suggests that all members wear a mask in the building. They also promote vaccination for all who are able to do so.

We will evaluate the situation next week before determining our course of action going forward. Please remember to keep affected members, friends, work associates, family members, etc. in your prayers. Please remember to minister as Christ would have us do.

May Heavenly Father continue to bless all of us according to our faith and righteousness!

Bishop C. Eldon Wagner